Saengerfest 2015: Watch our gold prize-winning song ‘Waldeinsamkeit’

The judges awarded us a gold prize June 21 at Saengerfest, a competition, Swiss singing and yodeling festival held in New Glarus, Wisconsin, June 18-21.

We were presented with the special wreath for our mixed-choir German prize song “Waldeinsamkeit” by F. Abi. Watch the video below:

Here is the translation for the song, thanks to one of our singers, Kathy Lindenberger:

“Waldeinsamkeit” (Forest Solitude)
Forest Solitude — Only the sun can break through the dark moss.
Deep in the bushes, a bird sings softly, and a breeze blows gently through the leaves,
As solemn as a prayer. Oh you sweet forest solitude, bring me peace too.

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