About Us

The Toledo Swiss Singers is one of the area’s oldest singing groups, part of 146 years of celebrating Swiss culture in the area. In 2014, the group celebrates 90 years as a mixed chorus.

Under the current direction of Micah Graber, the choir has been a cultural staple in the Toledo area since 1869. The Singers perform three concerts annually, including a wide variety of traditional Swiss, Broadway, Gospel and American music.

The Swiss Singers practice Wednesday evenings at 7:30 at Oak Shade Grove in Oregon from September to May.

The Singers are part of the larger German American Festival (GAF) Society, which most associate with the festival held annually in August. The society consists of seven German-speaking societies.

The first organization of Swiss in Toledo was the Gruetli Verein, founded on May 9, 1869. The Helvetia Männerchor, the Damenchor and the Gemischterchor followed. This gave birth to the Toledo Swiss Singers. The ladies chorus continued to grow and the mixed chorus was formed around 1924. Its aim is to retain and preserve the culture and songs of Switzerland, to live up to the singers’ ancestors’ tenets of faith and behavior, help others, and to be good citizens.

Gruetzi! Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 at Oak Shade Grove in Oregon for music, fun and fellowship! Prosit!

LISTEN: Our director Micah Graber stopped by News Talk 1370 WSPD on Nov. 2, 2012. Take a listen to the interview (at the beginning of the show):